Adalume develops and manufactures with precision
and high technology unique windows, doors and
structural glazing in aluminum for residential,
commercial, hospital and industrial constructions.

Operating since 1976, the company has been developing
assorted great flexibility projects, in most different
architectural styles.

The company looks for to offer the architects creativity freedom
and accepts the challenge of transforming their projects into high
quality products.

Our team is composed by engineers, technicians, designers and
specialized and experienced production supervisors.

The Adalume’s engineers team execute viability studies, specifying and dimensioning
products and the customized ajustments for each project.

The Adalume management is executed by SAP´s integrated system, witch encloses all
the processes of engineering, manufacture, logistic, installation and financiers.

All raw material comes from the best suppliers for windows and doors materials and
constituents which guarantees Adalume and its customers a high level final quality.

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